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Definitive Program of the X Girona Seminar

The program for the upcoming X Girona Seminar is done. You’re welcome to check it and see the impressing international list of scientists from the best research groups working on the modeling of biochemical systems.


 The X Girona Seminar will also include three social events, which will include:

– On July 2nd: Guided visit to the old quartier of Girona (19:45 – 21:15h).

– On July 3rd: Excursion to the Costa Brava, with dinner included (16:40 – 22:00h).

– On July 4th: Conference gala dinner in Hotel Carlemany  (21:00h).

Finally, please find above a video created in the recent TEDxUdG event celebrated in our Universitat de Girona, under the theme “Swell People and Ideas, Enhanced University”.


International Advisory Board set up

The International Advisory Board of the X Girona Seminar is already set up, and it is composed of outstanding researchers in the field of modeling biochemical  and biophysical systems. Almost all of them will attend the conference and deliver a conference. The list of the members:

International Advisory Board

  • Bickelhaupt, F. Matthias (The Netherlands)
  • Carloni, Paolo (Germany)
  • Cavallo, Luigi (Italy)
  • Cioslowski, Jerzy (Poland)
  • Cramer, Christopher J. (USA)
  • Dannenberg, Joseph (USA)
  • Head-Gordon, Martin (USA)
  • Himo, Fahmi (Sweden)
  • Houk, Ken N. (USA)
  • Luque, F. Javier (Spain)
  • Marrink, Siewert-Jan (The Netherlands)
  • Moliner, Vicent (Spain)
  • Orozco, Modesto (Spain)
  • Ramos, Maria Joao (Portugal)
  • Ugalde, Jesus (Spain)
  • Warshel, Arieh (USA)

Introduction to X Girona Seminar

The Girona Seminars have taken place in the historic town of Girona every two years since back to 1993, with the aim of bringing together, in a beautiful environment and in an informal and friendly atmosphere, young and senior scientists.

For 2012, we have decided to continue the organization of the Girona Seminars that started in 1993 and continued until 2010 with the IX edition (see also a list of previous organized congresses). We are now starting the organization of the X Girona Seminar that will be held at the Universitat de Girona from July 2th until July 5th 2012.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the recent advances in the theoretical modeling of biochemical systems and biophysical processes, from new methodological developments to applications. This will be the main subject, although, following the philosophy of the previous Girona Seminars, other aspects such as theoretical chemistry, photochemistry, reactivity of organic and organometallic molecules, catalysis, molecular properties or nature of the chemical bond will be also welcome.

Attendants and speakers of the IX Girona Seminar (more info)