International Advisory Board set up

The International Advisory Board of the X Girona Seminar is already set up, and it is composed of outstanding researchers in the field of modeling biochemical  and biophysical systems. Almost all of them will attend the conference and deliver a conference. The list of the members:

International Advisory Board

  • Bickelhaupt, F. Matthias (The Netherlands)
  • Carloni, Paolo (Germany)
  • Cavallo, Luigi (Italy)
  • Cioslowski, Jerzy (Poland)
  • Cramer, Christopher J. (USA)
  • Dannenberg, Joseph (USA)
  • Head-Gordon, Martin (USA)
  • Himo, Fahmi (Sweden)
  • Houk, Ken N. (USA)
  • Luque, F. Javier (Spain)
  • Marrink, Siewert-Jan (The Netherlands)
  • Moliner, Vicent (Spain)
  • Orozco, Modesto (Spain)
  • Ramos, Maria Joao (Portugal)
  • Ugalde, Jesus (Spain)
  • Warshel, Arieh (USA)

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